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you're going to be so popular in hell
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1st-Apr-2008 03:13 pm - bad moon rising

How could you kill your mother? Like even if she isn't the best mother in the world how could you kill her? Someone I know did and while I'm not shocked he cracked like that cause he was...erm mentally unstable believe that but ugh, I don't get how people murder their children/father/mother. It's crazy. This is the second time in a little over a month that someone has killed their single parent in my town. The first one my family was close to the father that had been shot by his son and this time I've been in like a million classes with this boy and even hung out with him a couple times. I guess I really don't understand how someone could kill someone so close to them. Then again, how could you take someon's life at all?

Sorry, I'm just a little shocked. Our town has always been quiet.

29th-Mar-2008 01:26 pm - my baby shot me down
south park
I'm slightly desperate to go see 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall.' kbell, mila kunis AND the apatow gang - what could go wrong may I ask? So this means it should be released umm...now? kthx. That'd be great. The previews are teasing me. :(

Um, I want more songs...give me songs. Dino-Face this includes you cause we like the same music.
28th-Mar-2008 07:50 pm - sweet sorrow is the goal tommorrow
As you can see, I changed my layout to lj though it really isn't anything special. I don't even have a header for it because I can't thinking of a subject for it. lol Oh well. Anyway ummm, I haven't updated this thing in what seems like foreverrrrrrrrrr. I got my license a couple days ago? About time really. lol At least I'm 18 so that means no restrictions so yay for that! Yeah, that's pretty much the only news I can really think of right now sooo. :-p Now all I have to do is get enough money for a car/insurance. Fun times. I'll try to..um..update more? lmao 

I've been thinking of getting into LJ icons but eh, I suck at doing big batches of things and thats what people...actually do. Crazy, man! I'll still be thinking about it though. lol
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