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you're going to be so popular in hell
24th-May-2008 05:35 pm

I went and got my prom dress todayyy. It's all supah pretty and makes me extremely happy. lol It's purple (well, lilac really) and I got it like..last minute. I went to like three different stores all down on the same street in Newark and the firsttt dress I tried on that day was pretty much the one I was thinking of buying. It was silver and I just really liked it. A lot of the dresses I had seen didn't seem to beat it but the last place we went to was a place my friend goes to for all her dresses and the lady there knows her and her mom really well and stuff. But anyway, I didn't really feel any of the dresses there and right when I got dressed again and was about to leave the dressing room the lady runs in and says that she always picks out my friend an dher mom's dresses and that she was going to do it for me and demanded I stayed put. lol Well, she came back with that dress and I was just like O.O is gorgeous and thenn I put it on and I was like omg I love it soooo much. Eee! I'm all happy. :D 

None of you probably care but I hadn't updated in awhile and figured I would with this. lol

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